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Founded in 1969, Harvest Garden Pro (formerly known as Coastal Supply Company) has grown from a small local manufacturer of wood products to the predominant industry supplier of high quality mulch, soils, stone and licensed products across the United States.

Today, under the guidance of Steven W. Liffers, we continue to expand in manufacturing, delivery efficiency, customer service and product innovation as part of the Harvest Power family of businesses.

Harvest Garden Pro is dedicated to environmental responsibility and, like our mission, we strive daily to be a world class manufacturer and service company of the finest mulch and soil products available. Harvest Garden Pro, under the brands of Garden Pro and Nature’s Pride, manufactures a wide range of products.

Quality Products, Quick Turnaround

In total, we carry over 100 products, manufactured and distributed under the highest quality control standards in the industry. Harvest Garden Pro is your partner in managing your inventory. Our transportation and customer service departments work diligently to guarantee that you have the product on-time and delivered efficiently. Harvest Garden Pro has its own fleet of flatbeds with dispatchers at every manufacturing facility. Our top-rated customer service department, in conjunction with our state of the art IT systems allows for orders to be processed and shipped in the shortest turnaround time in the industry.


Garden Pro, as a leading distributor of proprietary manufactured products, is in a position to establish partnerships with other leading manufacturers to extend your inventory of quality products. With our industry leading customer service and transportation delivery reliability, you can easily order products from us of these specialty products. We constantly participate in discussions with other quality manufacturers to coordinate the most economical delivery of specialty products and will continue to do so, to make Garden Pro your one-stop purchasing solution of mulch, soils, stone and specialty products.

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