Tulare, CA

24487 Road 140
Tulare, CA 93274

559.686.1622 (office)
559.686.3708 (fax)

Office Hours
Mon to Fri: 7 AM-4:30 PM
Sat: 8 AM – 4 PM
Sun: Closed

Gate Hours
Mon to Fri: 7 AM – 4 PM
Sat: 8 AM – 3:30 PM
Sun: Closed

Facility Address
24487 Road 140, Tulare, CA 93274

Mailing Address
(our facility number, flipped!)
24478 Road 140, Tulare CA 93274

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Recycling Information

Accepted Materials for Recycling


Bakery goods, bread, grains & tortillas, beans & other lentils, coffee grounds & tea leaves, eggshells, flour products (including paper boxes/bags), fruit (raw & cooked, pits too), nuts & nutshells, pasta & noodles, rice products, popcorn, soup, vegetables – raw & cooked


Paper coffee filters, paper tea bags, paper ice cream containers (metal rim is okay), used paper bags, napkins & towels, used paper plates & cups, pizza boxes (tear into ¼-inch strips), paper take-out containers


Branches & brush, cactus, flowers & floral trimmings, grasses & weeds, leaves, potting soil, tree trimmings


Corks, lumber (small pieces of lumber or sawdust from clean wood only), vegetables or fruits, paper & wood crates (metal wire is okay), wax-coated paper containers

Products Available for Sale

Compost – Our OMRI Listed compost promotes optimum plant growth and performance. Provides high nutrient values and consistent texture.
Custom Blends Made to Specification – Science has proven that mature, organic compost can significantly enhance yields. Farmers trust us to blend in key nutrients – gypsum, sulfur and others – to enhance yields.
Horticulture Blend – Screened to minus ⅜”, our fully composted product of the highest quality helps retain moisture on hot sunny days. Use it as topdressing to retain moisture, reduce evaporation and encourage vigorous growth.
Harvest Yield – 100% Green Waste
Harvest Premium – 50% Dairy Manure / 50% Green Waste
Harvest Gold – 100% Dairy Manure
Co-Generation Fuel – Screened to minus 4″ with no particle size below ½”, our contaminant-free fuel meets the needs of Co-Generation operators.

Materials Not Accepted for Recycling

NO proteins (NO cheese, NO meat, NO fish)
NO straws, utensils, polystyrene or plastic
NO pots, plastic bags, flats, or packs
NO palm trees, palm fronds, bamboo, or yucca
NO painted, stained or treated wood
NO plastic
NO concrete or asphalt
NO treated or painted wood
NO metal

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